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This assessment consists of 10 randomly selected questions and hundreds of questions that may be on the certification exam.


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Based on the 7 steps of the product development process (Conceive, Plan, Develop, Iterate, Launch, Steady State and finally Maintain or Kill the Product), at what point in the following process phases does the act of thinking about ideas for building something before you plan or act?

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Do you want a financial tracking app that lets you access your bank account from your mobile phone? This question is

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According to Steve Blank, which step in the customer development model is most commonly used for initiating a brainstorm?

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What is the main market trend when it involves a law that is introduced or removed.

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Peter needs to establish a metric to measure interest in his new app. Which of these below is the least important metric for this product?

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What is the phase when the product has been accepted by the market and sales start to rise?

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The CEO has asked you to do a more detailed analysis of the product persona you manage for him to decide whether to invest more and expand the sale of this product. Which tool is best suited for this analysis.

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A Product Manager is working for an online logistics tracking platform that primarily targets "commercial" customers, for the purpose of everyone (end customer and company) to control deliveries.
In this scenario, is the Product Manager?

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What is agile methodology?

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Which team does the product manager need to be involved with?

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