Certified Design Thinking Specialist

Innovative solutions require creativity, so the Design Thinking approach has grown in importance and worldwide recognition, and consequently the career and certification in Design Thinking is a very important achievement these days.

The CDTS certification was created for managers who seek to develop innovative products and services and who wish to stand out in their careers.

This certification benefits professionals in all areas, as it demonstrates the professional’s interest in improving knowledge and also applying them in product management.

What will be assessed in this exam:

The topics required in this exam will be based on practical knowledge about Design Thinking Pillars and Applications, Empathy Map, Problem Raising, Research, Immersion, Ideation, Prototyping, Implementation and Analysis.

You are not required to attend trainings to take one of our exams, although it is highly recommended. We believe that certification is a competitive differential, so we provide assessments for professionals who want to prove their knowledge and stand out in the effective application of Design Thinking.