Certified Product Manager - Enterprise

Product management has grown around the world in importance and recognition, and consequently the career and certification in product management is a very important achievement nowadays.

The CPM-E® was created for product managers who have extensive knowledge and desire to excel in their careers.

This certification benefits professionals from all areas, as it demonstrates the professional’s interest in improving knowledge in the strategic management of the organization’s products.

What will be assessed in this exam:

The topics required in this exam will be based on strategic knowledge for the organization, not limited to the management of just one product.
In addition to the topics required in the CPM-P exam, the CPM-E exam requires the candidate to master product portfolio management.


You are not required to attend training to take one of our exams, although it is highly recommended. We believe that certification is a competitive differential, so we provide assessments for professionals who want to prove their knowledge and stand out in the role of Product Manager.

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