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What is the MoSCoW Analysis used with stakeholders for?

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Which answer best describes the product backlog? Choose 2

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Before starting the production of a new car model, the engineers of the automotive company built a vehicle to check essential items that would be impossible to analyze using a model or digital simulation, such as aerodynamics or hydrodynamics. What did these engineers build?

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You discovered that another company offers a product very similar to yours, but the commercial appeal of this company is different and does not focus on its target audience. The product of this company does not offer all the accessories that your product has, but you heard from some customers that in the future they will be able to exchange your product for this new competitor, since it fully meets the objectives of your audience. What other company is this type of competition in?

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What are the three main characteristics of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?

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Peter needs to establish a metric to measure interest in his new application. Which of the following is the least important metric for Peter?

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Is it possible to know definitively in which phase of the product life cycle a product or company is?

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The product manager had an idea about the new features of the product he manages. He called on the engineering team to implement his idea as early as next week. Did he do something wrong?

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What are the possible problems when the product manager does not validate his hypotheses with the correct audience? Choose 3

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During the interview with a potential customer to create a new product, the product manager begins to praise the idea of the product he intends to develop and comments on the gains that its features may bring to the interviewee. Is he doing a good interview?

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