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Through a specific tool, Henry was able to make a complete analysis of all visitors who frequented his website and what was the profile of the most qualified audience. With this information, he was able to target his product to his potential customers. What tool did he use?

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Delivering free content to your audience is an interesting tactic and many marketers are adopting it in their strategies. What does this strategy promote?

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When performing a marketing action, Peter decided to advertise on podcasts on Spotify. Is this type of advertising considered?

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A streaming app had an excellent design, but Brian decided to change it after several complaints of usability and errors. After that some app's features and graphics were removed and users reported that it has become much more intuitive and easy to handle. The application has improved:

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Emma has decided to create a website to market her products and invest in Facebook Ads, but she wants to track visitors who visit her site to invest in future ads. What tool does she need to have on your site to track these visitors?

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Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking traffic to a particular website.
The sentence above is:

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The lead that has gone through several stages of your funnel and is ready to buy, is what we call it in Digital Marketing:

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Which of these ways is it possible to collect data and information from a lead?

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A marketing plan was created at Elizabeth's agency, and her goal is to create the company's strategic plans quickly and concrete. This plan is also known as:

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Outbound Marketing is the way to prospect new customers:

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