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In a lecture at Andrew's company, a marketing expert mentioned a strategy in which marketers obtain information and trends when analyzing data generated by the company or the market. This strategy is called Data Driven Marketing, also known as:

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After a meeting at Phil's company, it was decided that 20% of the company's profit would be reinvested to create a logo, design, slogans and experiences that would make users remember their company without thinking too much. The company is investing in:

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John has an e-commerce to sell his products and recently decided to create a blog. After 15 published articles, he realized that his articles do not have a good position in Google's search system. Thinking of improvements, John came up with some options. Which of these alternatives is the best way to improve your position on the Google search engine and be easily found by people who are interested in the subjects covered by John?

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Paul created an ad for his company and reached many people, but very few leads became customers. Paul had the idea to advertise again to the same people who saw his first ad and did not become customers. How can he reach the same people again?

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When making online ads, Mark heard that it is very important to measure your ad using CPA metrics. This acronym means:

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In a juice company, a large investment was made in a new diet product and, after its launch, this product quickly peaked in sales and became a benchmark in the market. Sales growth for this new product is forecast to remain high over the next 8 months. In the BCG matrix, this product can be considered as:

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For a company to achieve a sale, there are a few steps it must take before converting a lead into a customer. These steps usually filter the number of people to find the leads with the greatest chance of buying. This strategy is called:

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Steve owns a store with 1000 monthly visitors and his leads often visit his website, but do not buy his products, so Steve decided to invest part of his budget in ads to convert more customers. Which tool is recommended to increase sales on your site through paid ads?

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When creating ads and targeting their placement in TV commercials, the advertiser is investing in:

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To optimize a blog, we use certain groups of words that improve the positioning of the site on google. We identify these words by their acronym:

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