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This assessment consists of 10 randomly selected questions and hundreds of questions that may be on the certification exam.


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You have found that another company offers the same products and services that target the same market with the same customer focus. What is this type of competitor?

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What is the correct sequence of product lifecycle stages?

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When the product manager has local users as their main customers and they are co-workers, what type of product manager is it?

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Which professional usually answers if the product will be delivered within the planned time, cost and scope?

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Why does Lean emphasize the importance of experiments? (choose all that apply)

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You have identified a number of assumptions about the product you manage and intend to initiate user interviews. What types of validation will be required to prioritize these new hypotheses? Select 2

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According to Steve Blank, which step in the customer development model is most commonly used for brainstorming?

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The CEO has asked you to review the product you manage for him to decide whether to invest more and expand this product. Which tool is the most suitable in this analysis.

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Which items below are part of agile methodologies? (choose all that apply)

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Peter asked the team to compare the performance of two website layouts. The one that has the best performance and the most user involvement will be the definitive layout. What did Peter request for the team?

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