CKMS (Certified Kanban Management Specialist)

This exam will take place in English. This exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and it has a 60 minutes duration. Pass score: 35/50 or 70%.

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This certification benefits professionals in all areas, as it demonstrates the professional’s interest in improving knowledge in Kanban processes and practices.

What will be assessed in this exam:

The topics required in this exam will be based on advanced and practical knowledge of the Kanban Method, Kaizen and Kaikaku, Lean, Scrum, User Story, Information Radiator, Push and Pull Systems, Cadences, Workflow, Upstream and Downstream, Principles and Practices, Bottlenecks, WIP, Explicit Policies, STATIK, Classes of Service (CoS), Little’s Law, Lead Time Metrics, Cycle Time, Throughput and CFD.

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