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A seller defines a minimum selling value of his car at USD 20,000 and a maximum of USD 30,000. The buyer, on the other hand, establishes as limits the maximum amount of USD 25,000 and the minimum USD 15,000. What is the Possible Agreement Area?

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The 4 behavioral styles of the negotiator are:

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What are the 3 variables in the Harvard Negotiation Process?

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Allan Cohen, one of the pioneers in the study of influential behavior, defines that:

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What is the name of the behavioral influence technique that guarantees the connection, attunement with the other person?

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The SPIN SELLING study showed that:

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What is the name of the first move made in a negotiation and what is its importance?

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In a negotiation, the good negotiator must never give in. Regarding this statement:

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One of the Harvard School Principles is:

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What does it mean not to bargain Position?

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